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Listening, Seeing, Touching:

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When awareness joins with your ears,
then listening happens.

When awareness joins with your eyes,
then seeing happens.

When awareness joins with your hands,
then touching happens ...


moving beyond robotic behaviour through awareness ....

awareness is all - in fact, it's the center of true humaness

and constant practice is the way for developement of yourself, becoming a blessing for the earth


Osho on Rebellion

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Osho gives his definition of a rebel:

Rebellion is not something that you have to do; it is an approach, an attitude. The attitude is that you will respect yourself as an individual and you will respect everybody else in the same way. Nobody is lower than you, nobody is higher than you, remember. It is very easy to accept the idea that nobody is higher than you. But that is not rebellion, that is jealousy. Communism is not rebellion, it is jealousy.
Rebellion is when you accept that nobody is higher than you, nobody is lower than you. In fact, the categories of lower and higher are inapplicable. Each individual is so unique that it is not possible to compare two persons. So how can you put somebody higher and somebody lower?—they are so different and so unique.
Communism is not rebellion. That's why I continuously try to make the distinction between the words revolution and rebellion….
Every revolution dies into another orthodoxy.
It has been always so.
That's why I am not for revolution:
I am for rebellion.
Rebellion is individual.
But when many rebels are there and they want to live together, respecting each other's individuality, each other's freedom, each other's uniqueness—that's the meaning of a commune. It is not a society. It is not an establishment. It is not an organization in the old sense.
A commune is a communion of individuals who have all rebelled against all kinds of stupidities, superstitions. That is their meeting point. But that does not mean that they create an alternative society, another establishment. Then it would only be revolution.
Try to understand the difference clearly. If they don't create any establishment, and start living intelligently together, howsoever difficult it is —  it is going to be a little difficult; otherwise why have people chosen to make organizations and establishments?— because it is less difficult….
I am an anarchist.
I basically believe in the individual.
I don't believe in the society at all.
I don't believe in civilization, in culture. I simply believe in the individual.
I don't believe in the state, I don't believe in the government. I don't want any government in the world, any state in the world.
I simply want intelligent people to live harmoniously out of their intelligence. And if they cannot live out of intelligence, it is better to die than to become robots, to become machines, to be nagged and to be imprisoned in all kinds of slavery. It is better to be finished. We should live intelligently, and our order will come out of our intelligence, not vice versa.

That's what has been tried before; enforce order so that people can function intelligently. Now, that is absolutely stupid. Once you enforce order you destroy intelligence, you destroy even the possibility of it ever growing. There is no need….
Man has been a calamity, a curse to existence.
Rebellion means making man a blessing to existence, not a curse.
It is a risky step, but there is no gain without any risk. And this is such a tremendous change, almost a discontinuity with the past—not any modified form of the past society, just a totally fresh and new society.
There is no paradox. Here you have to be a rebel, but your rebellion does not mean that you have to go against something which is intelligent, intelligible. You rebel against any stupidity. Any idiocy that happens in the commune, you rebel against it. That is your responsibility, to be on guard that no stupidity, no superstition, starts getting its roots within you. Be alert.
But rebellion does not mean that you have to be unnecessarily destructive just to prove that you are a rebel; otherwise, somebody may think that you look very orthodox: two days have passed and you have not rebelled even once! Rebellion is not something that you have to do every day. It is not some kind of exercise, like going for a morning walk.
Rebellion is your attitude of looking at things, of watching things; what is happening in you and what is happening around you. No rust should be allowed to settle. Your sword of intelligence should remain shining, that's all. And everybody is keeping his own sword shining, nobody else is keeping your sword shining. Here, nobody is his brother's keeper.
You have to be on your own so orthodoxy cannot enter….
In my commune you have to remain rebels.
Of course you won't have enough chances to use your rebellion—that's the whole purpose of the commune. You have used your rebellion, your chance to rebel against the orthodoxy; now we will not give you any chances. And you should remain alert that no chances are given that you have to rebel against anything.
In a commune of rebels, every rebel is a guardian, a guard, of the rebellious spirit.
And remember, I am using the words rebellious spirit.
It is not a question of action. Action is needed only when something goes against the spirit.
So whenever anything in the commune goes against the rebellious spirit, destroy it, rebel against!
And you are not going against the commune:
You are saving the commune, the commune of the rebels.
You are saving the rebellious spirit.

But rebellion has never been tried.
Revolution is a collective effort to overthrow the government.
Rebellion is individual.
It overthrows nobody; it simply dissolves the individual's hypocrisy.
The rebel drops his facade.
He is not against any regime, against any society. He is not bothered by all that nonsense. Those who are interested in that, let them do their work. The rebel is simply very self-oriented.
I have been condemned by many sources around the world because I teach people selfishness. Yes, I teach selfishness. It is not a condemnation, this is my whole philosophy. I teach you to be selfish because unselfishness has been taught for thousands of years and it has not helped anybody.
I teach you to be just self-oriented.
Drop all the rubbish that is in you.

Clean yourself and start living as if you are the first and the last man in the world. The first, so that you don't have to carry the burden of the past, because there is no past. And the last, so that you need not worry about the future, about what will happen to your children. They will take care of themselves.
You think of yourself and live intensely at the innermost core of your being.
That's what rebellion is:
Let things be as they are.
But you are not a thing, you are a being:
Change yourself, transform yourself
Become a new man.

You have said that if there are only two hundred enlightened people in the world a third world war is not possible. Can You explain what You mean, how these two hundred people would make a difference among the billions of unconscious people?

Certainly. They will make tremendous difference. When the whole room is dark, just a small candle makes so much difference. In such a big room a small candle, lighted…the whole darkness disappears.
An enlightened person is a tremendous light—very subtle but for miles around him many people's lives will be touched. And if two hundred people are enlightened, which has never happened in history….
Two hundred enlightened people can create just the opposite situation. If they are together in a certain arrangement, they can create life rays which will protect people from death rays, which even may help somebody who has died through a death ray to come alive again. But those two hundred enlightened people have to be in a certain communication. Then they can create a circle around the world.
My own idea is that we can create two hundred enlightened people amongst our sannyasins. They are already connected and they are not alone, they are supported by the commune. Their energy can be enhanced, multiplied, by other sannyasins who may not be enlightened but are in search of it, on the way.
I mean what I have said. And if we can make a net of life rays around the earth, it can prevent even nuclear weapons from being destructive. But that is a totally different science and never experimented upon. But a few glimpses have happened in the past, and there is no harm in experimenting with it. Anyway, there is no other hope.
Our communes have to be ready for it. And they should not think of trivia, of small fights, egos. They should understand their responsibility is so great as it has never been of any human being before. And I hope that we will be able to do something. There is still time, and my people are working hard. Now it is a question whether we can manage within the time or not.
But I have a certainty that we have almost created a Noah's Ark of consciousness for the coming flood of death to the whole of humanity.


Osho - Society is against Individual

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But to begin with, feeling less guilty is very very important. The whole of humanity has been made to feel guilty – centuries of conditioning, of telling people to do this and not to do that... and not only that, but forcing them by saying that if they do something that is not allowed by the society or by the church, then they are sinners. If they do something which is appreciated by the society and the church, then they are saints. So everybody has been fooled into doing things that society wants them to do, and not to do things that society does not want them to do. Nobody has bothered about whether this is your thing or not. Nobody has bothered about the individual.
The thinking up to now has been this – that the individual exists for the society so the individual has to follow just what the society says. He has to fit with the society. That is the definition of the normal human being – to fit with the society. Even if the society is insane, you have to fit with it; then you are normal. Even if the society is neurotic and you try to be sane, you will be thought neurotic because the society is the majority. They have power so they can make anybody feel guilty.

They have put a deep mechanism inside you which they call a conscience which, if you move slightly away from the norm, the accepted rules of the game, immediately says, ’Wrong! Wrong! You are doing something wrong!’ Now the problem for the individual is that nature demands one thing and society demands something contrary. If the society was demanding the same as nature demands, there would have been no conflict. Man would still have remained in the garden of Eden.
The problem arises because society has its own interests which are not necessarily in tune with the individual and his interests. Society has its own investments. The individual has to be sacrificed. This is a very topsy-turvy world. Just the other way round should be the right thing.

The individual does not exist for the society. The society exists for the individual. Because society is just an institution. It has no soul. An individual has the soul, is the conscious centre; it has a centre. God resides in the individual, not in the society. Society is nothing – just a word.

You cannot come across society anywhere. Wherever you go, you will come across the individual. Society is just in the dictionaries and in the legal codes of the courts. It is a term but a very big blanket term. It covers many things. And for this blanket term the real individual can be sacrificed – and he has been up to now.

Rarely have a few individuals been able to escape from this dangerous structure. These few individuals are the religious rebels – Jesus, Buddha, Krishna. They tried to live their life according to their nature. They dropped conscience. they dropped all guilt. They became part of nature rather than part of society. Nature is vast. Society is very tiny. Society is man-made. Nature is God-made. They chose God instead of a man-made institution.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose from Osho


Osho über Einsamkeit

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Ich leide sehr an Einsamkeit. Was kann ich da tun?  

Die Dunkelheit der Einsamkeit, kann nicht direkt bekämpft werden. Es ist für jeden wichtig, zu verstehen, dass es einige grundlegende Dinge gibt, die nicht verändert werden können. Und eines der wesentlichsten ist: Du kannst nicht direkt gegen Dunkelheit ankämpfen, nicht direkt gegen die Einsamkeit, nicht direkt gegen die Angst vor Isolation. Einfach, weil diese Dinge nicht wirklich existieren, sie sind nur die Abwesenheit von etwas anderem, so wie Dunkelheit eine Abwesenheit von Licht ist.

Was machst du nun, wenn du nicht willst, dass es dunkel ist im Raum? Du machst gar nichts mit der Dunkelheit – nicht wahr? Du kannst sie nicht wegschieben. Es gibt keine Möglichkeit, dafür zu sorgen, dass die Dunkelheit verschwindet. Du musst etwas mit dem Licht machen. Jetzt ändert sich die ganze Situation; und daher nenne ich es, eins der wesentlichen, fundamentalen Dinge. Du berührst die Dunkelheit nicht einmal; du denkst nicht über sie nach. Es macht keinen Sinn, sie existiert nicht, sie ist nur eine Abwesenheit.

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OSHO: God Is Not a Solution - but a Problem (Deutsch)

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OSHO - Awareness, Bewusstheit

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Osho - über das HARA Zentrum

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Emotionale Inkontinenz

Du hast mir geraten, meine Energie bei mir zu behalten und in mein Hara zu lenken. Seit ich das tue, merke ich, dass mein Hara wie zu einem Spiegel für all meine Gefühle geworden ist.
Ich spüre, dass sich hinter deinem Vorschlag mehr verbirgt, als ich ahne. Kannst du bitte etwas dazu sagen?

Hara heißt das Zentrum, aus dem das Leben den Körper verlässt. Es ist das Todes-Zentrum. Das Wort ,hara' ist japanisch; darum heißt Selbstmord in Japan ,harakiri'. Dieses Zentrum befindet sich nur zwei fingerbreit unter dem Nabel. Es ist ein sehr wichtiges Zentrum und das hat man praktisch überall auf der Welt empfunden. Aber nur in Japan hat man seine ganze Tragweite tiefer erforscht.

Selbst die Inder, die sich höchst intensiv mit den Zentren im Körper befasst haben, haben das Hara nicht in Betracht gezogen. Der Grund dafür ist, dass sie dem Tod nie eine Bedeutung beigemessen haben. Deine Seele stirbt nie, also warum sich mit einem Zentrum befassen, das nur als Ausgangstor für Energien dient, die danach in einen anderen Körper eingehen. Sie haben den Sex erforscht, weil der das Lebenszentrum ist. Sie haben sieben Zentren erforscht, aber das Hara wird im indischen Schrifttum nicht einmal erwähnt.

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Osho - Weisheit & Gesellschaft - Film

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Frage an Osho: "Ist es richtig, deinen Ansatz zur Ökologie der Gefühle als "Freiheit von Repression" zu bezeichnen?"

Damit hättest du vollkommen recht. Aber nur, was die negative Seite angeht. Von Unterdrückung befreit zu sein, ist die negative Seite, und das Verborgene, das Potenzial, das du eigentlich bist, auszudrücken, ist die positive Seite. Doch du hast recht, die negative Seite kommt zuerst. Solange du nicht frei von Unterdrückung bist, bist du auch nicht in der Lage, dich selbst frei auszudrücken, du bist nicht in der Lage, dein Potenzial zu leben.

Die Gesellschaft existiert auf Kosten des Individuums, das ist bis auf den heutigen Tag so gewesen. Dem Einzelnen wird nicht erlaubt, sich selbst vollständig auszudrücken. Er muss sich unterdrücken, und die Gesellschaft hat damit ein Mittel an der Hand, dich auszubeuten.

Wenn der Einzelne sich völlig frei ausdrücken könnte, würde es zum Beispiel keine Kriege mehr in der Welt geben. Es wäre unmöglich. Aber wenn der Einzelne unterdrückt wird, bleibt die unterdrückte Energie erhalten und kann für Gewalt genutzt werden. Die ganze Politik und die ganze Menschheitsgeschichte basiert auf Kriegen. Die ganze Gesellschaft ist auf Kriegen aufgebaut, aber Kriege kann es nur geben, wenn das Individuum sich nicht frei ausdrücken darf.

Die unterdrückte Energie ist für viele Absichten und Zwecke genutzt worden: für Kriege, für Politik und für Ausbeutung. Ich bin gegen jegliche Unterdrückung, ich bin für natürliches Wachstum.

Ich bin nicht gegen Disziplin, ich bin gegen Unterdrückung. Disziplin ist etwas Kreatives, sie ist nie gegen etwas, sie ist immer für etwas. Ich bin zum Beispiel für eine Disziplin der sexuellen Energie, ich bin nicht dafür, sie zu unterdrücken. Sexuelle Energie muss sich in kreativer Weise entfalten dürfen, sie sollte nicht unterdrückt werden. Wird sie unterdrückt, pervertiert sie und du wirst unnatürlich.

Sich frei auszudrücken bedeutet, mehr als natürlich zu werden. Wenn du nicht mehr als natürlich werden kannst, ist es besser, natürlich zu sein statt pervers. Alle Kulturen der Welt sind pervertierte Kulturen.

Deshalb wird so selten ein Buddha oder ein Jesus geboren. Andernfalls wären Buddha oder Jesus der Normalfall, nicht die Ausnahme. Wenn die ganze Gesellschaft kreativ und nicht repressiv wäre, wäre ein Buddha keine Ausnahme. Dann wäre es eine natürliche, ein ganz normale Angelegenheit, ein Buddha zu sein.

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