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Frage an Osho: "Ist es richtig, deinen Ansatz zur Ökologie der Gefühle als "Freiheit von Repression" zu bezeichnen?"

Damit hättest du vollkommen recht. Aber nur, was die negative Seite angeht. Von Unterdrückung befreit zu sein, ist die negative Seite, und das Verborgene, das Potenzial, das du eigentlich bist, auszudrücken, ist die positive Seite. Doch du hast recht, die negative Seite kommt zuerst. Solange du nicht frei von Unterdrückung bist, bist du auch nicht in der Lage, dich selbst frei auszudrücken, du bist nicht in der Lage, dein Potenzial zu leben.

Die Gesellschaft existiert auf Kosten des Individuums, das ist bis auf den heutigen Tag so gewesen. Dem Einzelnen wird nicht erlaubt, sich selbst vollständig auszudrücken. Er muss sich unterdrücken, und die Gesellschaft hat damit ein Mittel an der Hand, dich auszubeuten.

Wenn der Einzelne sich völlig frei ausdrücken könnte, würde es zum Beispiel keine Kriege mehr in der Welt geben. Es wäre unmöglich. Aber wenn der Einzelne unterdrückt wird, bleibt die unterdrückte Energie erhalten und kann für Gewalt genutzt werden. Die ganze Politik und die ganze Menschheitsgeschichte basiert auf Kriegen. Die ganze Gesellschaft ist auf Kriegen aufgebaut, aber Kriege kann es nur geben, wenn das Individuum sich nicht frei ausdrücken darf.

Die unterdrückte Energie ist für viele Absichten und Zwecke genutzt worden: für Kriege, für Politik und für Ausbeutung. Ich bin gegen jegliche Unterdrückung, ich bin für natürliches Wachstum.

Ich bin nicht gegen Disziplin, ich bin gegen Unterdrückung. Disziplin ist etwas Kreatives, sie ist nie gegen etwas, sie ist immer für etwas. Ich bin zum Beispiel für eine Disziplin der sexuellen Energie, ich bin nicht dafür, sie zu unterdrücken. Sexuelle Energie muss sich in kreativer Weise entfalten dürfen, sie sollte nicht unterdrückt werden. Wird sie unterdrückt, pervertiert sie und du wirst unnatürlich.

Sich frei auszudrücken bedeutet, mehr als natürlich zu werden. Wenn du nicht mehr als natürlich werden kannst, ist es besser, natürlich zu sein statt pervers. Alle Kulturen der Welt sind pervertierte Kulturen.

Deshalb wird so selten ein Buddha oder ein Jesus geboren. Andernfalls wären Buddha oder Jesus der Normalfall, nicht die Ausnahme. Wenn die ganze Gesellschaft kreativ und nicht repressiv wäre, wäre ein Buddha keine Ausnahme. Dann wäre es eine natürliche, ein ganz normale Angelegenheit, ein Buddha zu sein.

Osho is the most misunderstood person in this world today as it should be the case with a man of truth.
He told truth as it is.This is for the first time that religion has reached from East to the West. This is for the first time that truth has been expressed in English as purely as 24 Karat Gold. Upto now all religions in the west were just work of translations and 2nd hand.
Words of truth can never be translated because the spirit of truth is left behind in the original language and only words are carried forward.

Words without the spirit are just dead. When Jesus’s words were translated from Aramaic to Hebrew much spirit was lost. When from Hebrew it went to Greek, more loss. And when ultimately it went to English, it became far difficult to taste the original spirit of Jesus. Same happened with all other translations. It is very difficult to express truth in English as it is originally a language of science and mind. Osho developed ‘Osho English’ which is very close to English. Osho shook whole of the world. He was one man Versus whole of the world governments. When he was in India, whole of the Indian government was against him .He exposed MurarJi Desai of his cunningness. He was banned from purchasing any land in India so that he can not set up any commune there and invite more people around him. Persons around him were tasting of something which was beyond any expression. His energy field was so strong that just sitting in his presence was more than enough to experience divine.He talked on almost all the awakened persons on the earth ever happened.His talks on Japuji are unparalleled. Through these world Nanak addressed again to whole of the humanity. People already sensed of something from another world through these words.His words in the book ‘Ik Omkar’ has become almost an essential part of every library of all over the Gurdwaras in the world.These words are so authentic and full of juice of truth which never happened before.Osho was the most silent person in all over the world and mostly sitting with closed eyes in his room.He used to come out only for morning or evening discourse for about an hour.But still his presence disturbed whole of the world.All religious philosophies created by Pundits ,scholars,educationists lost any base in front of him.Exploitation of the humanity by Priests and Politicians were exposed like a day light.So naturally Politicians and Priests of all over the world were scared of his presence in their territory.People were singing,dancing and living a joyous life in his presence without any reason.This haunted the ego of all the political leaders.No Politial leader or Priest want anybody living a joyous life without their own blessing.These people want humanity to be miserable.It is only misery which drive people to the priests otherwise nobody will care about them.Osho reminded every person on earth that each person has his Kingdom beneath his own feet and very easy to seek it.He gave the persons around him the taste of this Kingdom.The person who loved Osho saw Budha,Krishna,Nanak,Jesus looking at them from his eyes.Osho traveled to almost all over India .He spent most of his life in train traveling to every remote place of India.His body was almost exhausted and was caught by Asthma during this travel of 30 years continuously. Polluted environment of India was not going to help him to remain in body for much long and the seekers of America and Other western countries started urging him to move to America for a short time in a suitable climate.

Moreover a person of truth is already condemned in his time and worshipped later on. That is what is happening in the case of Osho. A charlatan person is always worshipped in his time and condemned later on.That is what is happening to Mohan Dass Gandhi who was projected as Mahatma Gandhi by greedy people as a political deal to remain themselves in office.It is truth which prevails ultimately.Now words of Osho has become best selling all over the world.He books became best selling even in unexpected countries like Iran,Russia and China.
The countries who deported him are fighting for copyrights of his books .There are no copyrights in India for Osho’s books. NewYork has all the copyrights of Osho’s works. Today no book store is complete anywhere the world without a separate section just for Osho Books/music/Video/Audio.
His books have over shadowed Indian Parliament where upto now only Mahatma Gandhi’s third class books were placed. Mahatam Gandhi started losing Mahatmahood in the eyes of India and falling back to Mr Mohan Dass Gandhi rapidly. He is being exposed more and more every day.
Osho’s psychological analysis of Gandhi opened the eyes of the people for the first time and people became aware of his excesses done to his own wife and eldest son.Such facts were never brought forward before. I would like to request the editor of this site to publish Osho’s words in every issue which will be eyes opening.
Only those communities remain progressive which change with time and don’t remain clinging with past. We should keep our vision worldwide and appreciate good persons wherever they happen and condemn the devils wherever they happen. Wherever a person is awakened we should open our windows to let the light of awakening come to our home. There is no loss in it but gain and gain only.
Negative propaganda and cunning actions of politicians can never silence a Buddha. Actually these help to spread the truth.No Ruler or Government could stop the voice which was once raised from Anandpur.All oppositions only created Fathegarh Sahib,ChamKaur Sahib,DamDama Sahib and lot more.Truth can never be stopped by any Government but more it is stopped,more sharp it becomes.Ram is standing upon Ravan.If there were no Ravan,nobody would have remembered Ram.Without Ravan,there can be no Ramyan.Truth itself is silent.but actions of idiots make it a news.Destruction of Rajneespuram could not do any harm.It paved the way for Osho’s World Tour.He exposed almost each country and was deported from all over the world.He went to the Greece which was called land of Socrates. He was stoned there as well by bishops. He reminded whole of the world that civilization is still a dream .

After Rajneespuram was destroyed, the people who were living at RajneesPuram spread to all over the world and seed of truth went to whole of the earth. Now Osho communes are spreading all over the world. Communes bigger than Rajneespuram are already existing in Brazil and Europe.
Osho meditation camps are happening all over the world including in India.New generation is already angry with old generation.What has old generations given?.This ugly world of nations,armies,thousands wars,two world wars and now the preparation of third and final war.We are sitting on nuclear explosives.Now the world has accumulated the nuclear weapons which can destroy this tiny and beautiful earth 700 times.And still the piles of nuclear weapons is increasing. Any stupid politician can trigger this ugly war any time. And politicians are most retarded class of humanity. These politicians are continuously creating hostility with other nations so that humanity can remain divided and their chairs,requirement and work remain alive. Future is golden.A new age,new humanity and a new man is born with Osho.Age of nations,armies,small families is finished .In the Golden future individuals will be living together seeking,meditating,singing,dancing and celebrating in communes.Children will be brought up together.The way child marriage is crime,so child initiation to any belief should be the crime. It is crime to impose a belief system and a religion until the child is matured.It destroys the real urge to seek forever.Readymade answers from Pundits are furnished before the question is even raised.This is ugly.Future will of real religiousness Not bogus religions.

OSHO: Anybody Who Gives You a Belief System is Your Enemy.