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Futures of Planet Earth

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A two hour film documentary by Ruben del Muro & Michael St.Clair

From 2005 to late in 2009 Ruben del Muro and St.Clair worked on a final and comprehensive film presentation of all the issues facing mankind now in the ongoing earth and climate changes.

This two hours movie (shot in Germany and in Japan) chronicles the conversations the two visionaries had over time, in a spellbinding performance from both in a talk filmed at the Mask exhibit in the Mathildenhöhe Institute in 2009.

Michael St.Clair and Ruben del Muro go into all the questions put to them by readers of the book Light-Seeds. The two are seen in a magnetic session of three talks, practicing what Krishnamurti called the “thinking together.” They also address the teachings by WingMakers and other issues of timeless interest.

The discussion is at times very intense, and at times hopefully optimistic, and humorous – despite the very serious subjects covered, ranging from pole shifts to the new discoveries and advanced technologies, ET presence and the guidance via the invisible world.

Of special significance is the presence and discussion of the crystal resonators in the documentary, as these consciousness tools confer power to this conversation.

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The Master of The Light – Futures of Planet Earth from Michael St.Clair on Vimeo.